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ABA Therapy Center Katy, TX

If you did a Google search for “ABA therapy near me,” and you’re looking in Katy or Houston, Texas, Learning Continuum is here to help meet your needs. We are dedicated to delivering highly effective autism behavioral therapy treatments for children and adults with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and developmental delays. Our mission is to obtain positive growth for the clients and families we serve. Learning Continuum uses ABA Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) and customized curricula based on norm-referenced milestones to achieve positive outcomes. Our therapists are dedicated, highly motivated, altruistic experts who provide the highest quality ABA Therapy for kids and adults with ASD and related disorders.

The People Behind Learning Continuum

The directors and staff at Learning Continuum have extensive training and experience in ABA therapy for kids and adults. Frank Carle, M.A, BCBA is the Director of Clinical Services at LC and has over 20 years of ABA therapy experience in a variety of settings and populations. He has worked in-home, in clinics and schools, and has treated children as young as 18 months and adults as old as 25. 

Amaka Seldon, M.A., is our Program Director. She has worked in the ABA therapy field for over 10 years, and she is obtaining her Ph.D. in ABA.

Our directors work directly with each client each week to assess progress and adjust treatment goals and strategies. 

At Learning Continuum, we only employ serious ABA therapy professionals who are dedicated to the field. Currently, we have 4 amazing therapists on our team that have either obtained their Master’s degree in ABA or are actively pursuing their Master’s in ABA or Speech-Language Pathology. We make sure our therapists are the best in the field, so your children receive the greatest treatment possible.

Our Approach to ABA Therapy

At Learning Continuum, we provide a fun learning environment so that our students enjoy the work they are doing. We take the necessary time to help your child feel comfortable and safe by using positive rapport and reinforcement. We focus on the progress your child makes at each session to encourage your child to continue with the program. Our therapists are trained to use specific prompting techniques to maximize your child’s success, so they feel more confident while learning new skills. 

Children with ASD will benefit from ABA therapy because it helps them learn attention skills, play skills, communication, motor skills, social skills, and other important life skills. We use a variety of fun toys and activities during our therapy sessions to build and improve these vital skills. When this type of therapy is started early, the chances of drastically improving these skills increase. Our therapy sessions for children can take place indoors or in our private outdoor playground. Did you know that kids learn best through play? Play is the best way for toddlers and elementary children to build vital motor skills, communication, and social skills.

Small, Supportive Community

Learning Continuum is a small, safe, supportive community for individuals with ASD and their families. While we serve the Katy and Houston areas, we cap our student numbers at 15 per clinic. This allows us to provide quality attention to each child in our care. This also allows our clients to get to know each of the therapists they work with.

Every quarter, we offer family events at our center so the families of our clients that have children with autism can build a supportive social network. Some challenges come with ASD, but with our supportive team behind you, these challenges can be managed or overcome. We strive to provide our children with exposure to natural community events and opportunities through social gatherings and field trips into the community. 

We all want children with autism to have the same opportunities as other children. We want to give them the skills they need to make friends in their communities, attend school, find jobs later, and make improvements in their lives. We do all of this and more through our ABA therapy clinics.

Flexible Approach to Autism Therapy Treatment

One of our main goals at Learning Continuum is teaching children to be flexible learners. We go beyond traditional ABA therapy techniques by using different tools and teaching methods during each therapy session. We teach our students to respond to a variety of instructions, both written and verbal, as well as different materials, teaching formats, and instructors. Therapy sessions will take place indoors and outdoors to further encourage flexibility. By teaching children to be flexible at a young age, we teach them to adapt to changes in life. 

There are many professionals working within our facility, and we know you may be working with more than one specialist. We offer on-site therapy rooms to collaborate with speech therapists and occupational therapists. However, if you want your child to see speech and occupational therapists off-site, our treatment plan hours are flexible. We want to help your child reach their goals in the best way possible, and we are willing to collaborate with you to do so.

In addition, we offer flexible payment plans to pay off your deductibles throughout the year. 

Our Education Programs


Clinic Based

We offer a child-friendly approach to ABA treatment. We feel the best way to motivate your child to learn is through the use of positive reinforcement. Our clinic ABA services focus on expanding your child’s current strengths; as well as improving in the areas he/she needs more support. 



Learning Continuum believes in building strong school environments for both public and private school settings. We aim to collaborate with public school districts and/or private schools. We offer a variety of services related to effective special education classrooms.


Progress Review

At Learning Continuum, we understand you want to know how your child is progressing over time. We have several mechanisms in place which will allow you to receive daily, weekly, and monthly updates. We know communication is important and we love to share how your child is doing, after all…….we are proud of them too!

Prepare Children for School Placement

At Learning Continuum, all our treatment plans prepare your children for school placement with a highly specialized approach. Our main goal, and probably your main goal as well, is to prepare children for a more traditional learning environment, like a public or private school. We tailor each child’s program to focus on areas like communication, language, play skills, social skills, imitation, and the reduction of interfering behaviors. This way, when the time is right, your children will be ready for school placement.


Our programs are scheduled to mimic a school setting. This provides your child with a stable routine, which can give them something to look forward to and set boundaries around what is and isn’t socially acceptable. Since ASD is a spectrum, some impulsive or compulsive behaviors may be harder to treat than others, but we will work with your child to help them have the best chances in school.

Our routine includes daily circle time, where the children can interact and communicate openly. Lunch is at a set time each day, as well as recess time and toilet breaks. We also sing songs, learn the alphabet, numbers, and shapes, practice imitation through games, and work on fine motor skills through arts and crafts or puzzles. 

Once your child transitions to school, we will attend school meetings pro-bono and provide relevant treatment reports to school personnel to assist with the development of educational goals. As mentioned before, we are here to give your child the best possible outcome when they attend school.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Learning Continuum’s staff believes in the science of human behavior. During the initial intake session, and every 4-6 months, we conduct evidence-based assessments to identify each child’s strengths and areas that need work. This helps us make sure your child is on the right track throughout treatment and shows us where your child is struggling most. 


For children 2-7 years old, we utilize the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). This system uses concepts from ABA and Skinner’s analysis. It compares a child’s skills against specific objectives and helps children with ASD and other language delays work towards improvement. We reassess with the VB-MAPP every 4-6 months and adjust treatment based on the results.

For children that have met mastery for the VB-MAPP assessment, or kids 7 and older, we conduct the PEAK Comprehensive Assessment (PCA). The PCA is the only standard testing instrument in the ABA therapy field. “The PEAK Relational Training System is a (fairly) NEW assessment and curriculum planning guide for teaching basic and advanced language skills with a contemporary behavior analytic approach.”

Learning Continuum Values Parental Input

You know your child best, and we want to know more about your child’s development. We offer ongoing parent ABA meetings to ensure consistency across environments and to ensure our goals align with your vision. During these meetings, we listen to the parents and seek to create new tasks to include in the daily treatment plan. If you are noticing something in your child’s behavior at home that seems out of place, we want to know. If they act differently in public, we want to know. Anything you can tell us about your child will help us adjust the treatment plan. 

We offer parents the opportunity to practice Discrete Trial Training methods with our therapists. Discrete Trial Training (DTT) is a method of teaching in simplified and structured steps. Instead of teaching everything for a skill, like throwing a ball, it would be broken down into steps. For example, we want the child to throw the ball. We first must teach the child how to hold the ball. Once that step is mastered, we move on to learning how to move their arm. Then so on and so forth until the child can throw the ball. This method can be done at home, as well, so your child can practice outside of therapy sessions.

Treatment transparency is a top priority at Learning Continuum. Parents have access to their child’s treatment data and notes through the Catalyst Data Platform.

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Now that you know more about what we at Learning Continuum offer, contact us today to set up an autism therapy intake appointment, or for more information on our services, visit our Services page. We are excited to work with you and your gifted child.