Our Methodology

Learning Continuum (LC) strives to provide excellence in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment with a high level of fidelity.  LC incorporates the principles of ABA coupled with norm-referenced developmental milestones to create comprehensive treatment plans tailored to address the specific strengths and needs for each individual learner.  

LC takes a proactive approach to treatment. Providing proactive intervention means having a systematic plan developed through ongoing skill and behavioral assessments. Proactive planning also includes preparing programming for age-appropriate developmental milestones before they arise to provide the maximum opportunities for student and family success.

Decisions to introduce, continue, amend, or discontinue skill acquisition and behavioral intervention programs is based on objective data. Parents receive regular progress graphs and reports to monitor their son or daughter’s performance in all areas of treatment. Professionals at LC provide clear rationales as to why and how specific interventions benefit your child.  

LC believes the key to effective intervention is the continuity of intervention plans across all people and settings involved in the care and education of the learner.

Parental input and collaboration is a critical element, in both the short, and long term success, of our clients.  LC professionals provide parents with specific tools to facilitate lasting positive interactions and success with their loved one.