Who may need ABA therapy?

Need ABA Therapy

A common misconception is that ABA-based interventions are only effective in children living with an autism spectrum disorder. While it is certainly effective in many of these situations, it is also an effective approach for people living with other difficulties. What is ABA therapy? Also known as applied behavior analysis, ABA therapy is a category […]

The History of ABA and Autism

ABA Autism History

What is ABA therapy? Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a type of therapy used to help patients acquire new skills and behaviors. Also known as evidence-based intervention, ABA is used with patients of all ages, but is primarily used as a treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It is both similar and […]

Positive Reinforcement in ABA Therapy

Positive Reinforcement - ABA Therapy

What Is Positive Reinforcement? Adopting new habits into our daily lives typically requires the use of reinforcements. Someone attempting to eat healthier, for example, might reinforce this desire by packing healthy meals and snacks when they leave the house. The way you reinforce these attempts to change behavior matters, and can sometimes be the difference […]