Autism Therapy Center Katy

Autism Therapy Center Katy


Welcome to LCABA Therapy Center, a beacon of hope and progress for families navigating the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Katy, Texas. Our core mission is to deliver exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy by fostering an environment rich in growth and learning opportunities. Guided by our esteemed leaders, Frank Carle, M.A., BCBA, and Amaka Seldon, M.A., we are dedicated to empowering our clients and their families towards achieving remarkable milestones.

Services Offered

Therapies Provided

At the heart of our services is ABA therapy, a scientifically validated approach designed to improve social, communication, and learning skills through positive reinforcement. Our sessions are meticulously tailored to the individual’s needs, ensuring a personalized journey towards improvement and independence.

Location and Contact Information

Nestled in the vibrant community of Katy, Texas, LCABA Therapy Center is accessible to families in the Katy and Houston areas. For inquiries or to initiate your journey with us, please reach out through our contact details provided on our website.

Reviews and Testimonials

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the glowing reviews and testimonials from the families we serve. They speak volumes of the transformative experiences and breakthroughs achieved through our dedicated efforts.

Insurance Accepted

We believe in making our therapy services accessible. LCABA Therapy Center accepts a range of insurance plans, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder the path to receiving quality autism therapy.


Our expertise is not just in ABA therapy but in creating a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that includes collaborating with speech and occupational therapists. Specializing in both children and adults, our center is adept at handling a wide spectrum of ASD challenges and developmental delays.

Staff and Therapists

The backbone of LCABA Therapy Center is our staff and therapists, whose unwavering commitment and specialized training in ABA therapy drive the success of our programs. Their approach is not just professional but deeply compassionate, recognizing the unique potential within every client.

Treatment Approach

Our treatment philosophy is rooted in a fun, engaging learning environment complemented by a structured therapy regimen. We aim to equip our clients with essential life skills through varied teaching methods and positive reinforcement, making learning an enjoyable journey for everyone.

Resources and Support

Understanding the journey with ASD extends beyond therapy sessions; LCABA Therapy Center provides extensive resources and support for families. This includes educational workshops, family events, and a supportive community network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section addresses common inquiries, offering clarity and guidance on our therapy processes, insurance coverage, and how to get started with our services.

Success Stories

Every success story is a testament to the resilience and capabilities of our clients. These narratives inspire and motivate us, illuminating the profound impact of dedicated autism therapy on individuals and their families.

Events and Workshops

We host various events and workshops aimed at education, support, and community building. These gatherings serve as a platform for families to connect, share experiences, and learn from each other.

Appointment Scheduling

Embarking on your autism therapy journey at LCABA Therapy Center starts with scheduling an appointment. Our streamlined process ensures that starting therapy is as seamless and stress-free as possible for new clients.

Virtual Therapy Options

In response to the evolving needs of our community, LCABA Therapy Center offers virtual therapy options. This ensures that our services remain accessible to all, regardless of geographical limitations or external circumstances.

Research and Advancements in Autism Therapy

LCABA Therapy Center is at the forefront of incorporating the latest research and advancements in autism therapy into our practice. Our commitment to evidence-based methods means we continuously seek innovative ways to enhance our services and outcomes for our clients.

At LCABA Therapy Center, we are more than just a therapy center; we are a community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals with ASD and their families. Contact us today to put your loved one on a path of growth and discovery.

Autism Therapy Center Katy

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