Autism Treatment Katy

Autism Treatment Katy

Our Approach to Autism Treatment in Katy

At LCABA Therapy Center, we’re deeply committed to providing specialized and compassionate care for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Katy, Texas. Our comprehensive treatment plans are designed to foster positive growth, not just for our clients, but also for their families, empowering them to navigate the challenges and celebrate the victories that come with ASD.

Core Therapies and Programs

Behavioral Therapies

Our foundational therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), is a cornerstone of our treatment approach. ABA is a scientifically validated method that focuses on improving specific behaviors, such as social skills, communication, and academic performance, while also reducing behaviors that may be harmful or affect learning.

Speech and Occupational Therapy Integration

We recognize that many children with ASD benefit from speech and occupational therapy in tandem with ABA. Collaboration with speech and occupational therapists ensures a holistic approach to treatment, addressing a wider range of developmental needs.

Sensory Integration Therapy and Social Skills Training

Sensory integration therapy is offered to help manage sensitivity to sensory input, which is common among individuals with ASD. This is complemented by social skills training, aimed at enhancing the ability to interact effectively with others in a variety of settings.

Medication Management and Special Education Services

In cases where medication is a necessary part of treatment, we work closely with medical professionals to manage and adjust treatment plans. Our special education services are geared towards preparing our clients for successful integration into school settings, focusing on communication, language, play, and social skills.

Support Beyond Therapy

Early Intervention Programs and Parent Training

Recognizing the impact of early intervention, we offer programs targeted at younger children, aiming to identify and address developmental delays as soon as possible. Parent training is also a crucial part of our approach, ensuring that families are equipped with the knowledge and tools to support their child’s development at home.

Alternative Treatments, Support Groups, and Katy, Texas Resources

While ABA therapy remains our primary focus, we are also open to incorporating alternative treatments that show promise. Support groups facilitated by LCABA Therapy Center provide a space for families to share experiences and resources. Additionally, we connect our families with a wide array of local resources in Katy, enhancing the support network available to them.

Why Choose LCABA Therapy Center?

Our dedicated team, led by experts Frank Carle, M.A., BCBA, and Amaka Seldon, M.A., ensures that every therapy plan is tailored to the individual’s needs, making use of a fun and interactive learning environment. Our unique approach includes a mix of indoor and outdoor learning, recognizing the importance of play in child development.

At LCABA Therapy Center, we limit our student numbers to ensure each child receives the attention they deserve. We believe in building a supportive community, not just within our center but extending into the wider Katy area, offering family events and creating opportunities for engagement with other families navigating similar journeys.

Our commitment to quality care is matched by our commitment to transparency. With regular progress reviews and parent meetings, we ensure you are always informed and involved in your child’s therapy. Access to transparent treatment data through the Catalyst Data Platform further empowers our families to be active participants in the therapy process.

Choosing LCABA Therapy Center means embarking on a journey towards positive change, equipped with a dedicated team that supports every step of this journey. We’re here to provide the specialized care your child needs to thrive, offering a pathway to growth and development that is tailored to the unique challenges and strengths of individuals with ASD.

Contact us today to learn more about our autism therapy intake appointments and how we can support your family in the Katy and Houston areas. At LCABA Therapy Center, we’re more than just a therapy center; we’re a community dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Autism Treatment Katy

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